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YEAR 2019

January 2019

Concert in Maheshwar M.P.

February 2019 Concert in " Celebrating 89th Birthday of Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj Ji" organised by Prastaar.

Year 2018

December 2018 Performed in "Diksha" organised by Sarod Ghar and IGNCA at  Delhi.
November 2018 Performed in Hampi, Banglore.
October 2018      Performed in Melahuset Oslo, Norway
September 2018 Performed in Celebrate the Birthday of Hon'ble Prime    Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji at Delhi.
August 2018  Performed in Independence Day Celebration Concert at Raipur. 
July 2018 Performed in " Gunijan Sabha at IGNCA, Delhi

June 2018

Perform Shri Mata Ji's Birth Place in Chindwada Celebration.

June 2018

Performed in " Rakse Bismil" with Muzaffar Ali in Jaipur

March 2018 Performed in Lok Kala Manch, Delhi
February 2018 Performed in " Rhythm and Mantra" at Delhi 
January 2018 Performed with " Emam & Friends" in India Habitat Certre, Delhi


Year 2017

December 2017 Emam & Friends" Concert in Goa
October 2017 Festival of India in Ukraine
October 2017 Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan - 2017 in Dharamshala
September 2017 Concert in "Ustad Ashique Ali Khan Art & Music Charitable Trust - Delhi
September 2017 Concert in NCPA Beijing, China
July 2017 Concert in National Chinese Orchestra, China
May & June 2017 Concert in Beijing, China
April 2017 Concert in Haidakan
March 2017 Concert in Oslo, Norway
February 2017 Concert in Estonia
January 2017 Concert in Kurchehtra


Year 2016

December 2016 Concert in Dehradun
November 2016 Concert in Podi Garwal
October 2016 Concert in Jodhpur
September 2016 Concert in Jaipur
August 2016 Concert in Kartarpur
July 2016 Concert in Lucknow
June 2016 Concert in Ghaziabad
May 2016 Concert in South Campus in Delhi
April 2016 Concert in Raipur
March 2016 Sarod Ghar Gwalior, concert
March 2016 CGAF Presents SADHANA concert in The Attic, Delhi
February 2016 Make in India concert in ITC Grand Central, Mumbai
February 2016 World Sacred Spirit Festival, Jodhpur
January 2016 Concert in Jaipur


Year 2015

December 2015 UNESCO world Peace Concert in Paris
November 2015

Concert in Delhi

October 2015

Shanghai World Music Festival

September 2015

Shanghai World Music Festival

August 2015

Concert in Kanpur IIT

July 2015

Music workshop & Concert in Norway

June 2015

Music workshop in Mumbai

May 2015 Music workshop in Delhi
April 2015 Music workshop in Mumbai
March 2015 SAMARPAN concert at LTG auditorium, Delhi.
  Concert International Seminar "The Global Impact of Modern Trends on Traditional Music" at Sir Shankar Lal Hall Delhi University.
February 2015 Concert at Mumbai
January 2015 Music workshop in Oslo, Norway
  Concert at Heritage School Gurgaon


Year 2014

December 2014 Concert at Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo, Norway
Concert at Holmia Church, Oslo, Norway
Concert at Grand Hotel, Oslo, Norway
November 2014 Fusion Music concert at Art Chamber, Goa
Concert at Hotel Taj, Goa
Concert at Jain Samagam, Surat
October 2014 Concert at Gallery Art & Aesthetics, Delhi
September, 2014  Melody World Orchestra, Nanjing Chinese Orchestra & Nanjing Chamber Orchestra concert tour in Nanjing, China .
August, 2014 Music Workshop in Mumbai.
July, 2014 Music workshop in Oslo, Norway.
June, 2014 Music workshop in Oslo, Norway.
May, 2014 Concert in Haldwani.
April, 2014 ICCR concert at IDSA, Delhi.
March, 2014 SNA concert at Lucknow.
February,2014 CGAF concert at Triveni Kala, Delhi.
January, 2014 Concert at Silver Oak IHC, Delhi.

Year 2013

December, 2013 Concert at Anand Farm, Delhi.
November, 2013 Concert at Kotwara Farm, Delhi.
October, 2013 Kotwara Organized concert at Jaipur.
September, 2013 Concert in IIT Kanpur.
August, 2013  Radio 79 Concert at Lado Sarai, Delhi.
July, 2013 Audio Ashram concert at Lodhi Garden, Delhi.
June, 2013 CGAF Concert at Lucknow.
May, 2013 MSPCA concert at Jorbagh, Delhi
April 2013 Kalashri Foundation - Muktadhara, Delhi
Audio Ashram - Blue Frog, Delhi
100 Years of Indian Cinema
- Siri Fort, Delhi
March 2013 Jashn-e-Khusoru, Delhi 
February 2013 Fireflies Festival of Music, Bangalore
January 2013 Goa Jazz Festival, Goa

Year 2012

December 2012 MDACA - Paris & Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, China.
December 2012 Celebrating ASEAN A Collaborative Performance at President House, Delhi.
November 2012 HSIKD, Delhi
October 2012 Audio Ashram, Gurgaon. Blue Frog, Delhi.
September 2012 IIT, Kanpur.
August 2012 The Lalit, Jaipur and The Amaan, Delhi
July 2012 Germany - Private tour
June 2012 Norway & Poland - World Jazz Festival
May 2012 France - 16th World Music & Dance Festival in Paris organised by MCM

April 2012

Kathgarh Shiv Mandir, Kangra H.P.

March 2012

Jazz Festival, Goa & Blue Frog, Delhi

February 2012

Cherry club Delhi

January 2012

Sangeet Samagam Kartarpur

Year 2011

December 2011 Christmas International Festival, Norway
November 2011 Music Festival, Goa
October 2011 Sangeet Samaroha, Surat
September 2011 Jodhpur Festival
August 2011 Music Circle, Jaipur
July 2011 Sangeet Sabha, Kota
June 2011 I.I.T. Kanpur
May 2011 Music Festival, Rampur
April 2011 Delhi - Young Maestros of Indian Music by Sahitya Kala Parishad
March 2011 Delhi - Rabindra Utsav by CGAF
March 2011 Delhi - Tagore Festival by Kala Shri Foundation
February 2011 Delhi - Basant Mahotsav by Darpan Music Society of Kairana Gharana
January 2011 Lucknow - Taj Festival

Year 2010

December 2010 Allahabad - Prayag Utsav
November, 2010 Estonia (World Drum Festival)
October, 2010Jaipur (Ta Blu Festival)

August, 2010

Norway (Du Store Verden)

July, 2010

Delhi (All India Radio - Saturday National Programme)

July, 2010

Poland ( Festival of India)

June, 2010

Delhi (India Habitat Centre)

June, 2010

Delhi (The Attic)

March, 2010

Pathankot (Sangeet Sabha)

March, 2010

Norway (Rikskonsertene )

February, 2010

Pakistan (Sampurna)

January, 2010

Norway (Du Store Verden)

Year 2009

September, 2009

Norway (Rikskonsertene)

August, 2009

Norway (Concert Tour)

May, 2009

Australia, Malaysia & Singapore (Soorya Festival)

April, 2009

Poland (Concert Tour)

Feb.-March, 2009

Spain & Norway (ARCO & Rikskonsertene)

January, 2009

Norway (Concert Tour)

Year 2008

November, 2008

Norway (Concert Tour)

October, 2008

Norway (Rikskonsertene)

September, 2008

Mauritius & Singapore (M.G.I. )

July, 2008

Norway (Rikskonsertene)

June, 2008

Norway (Concert Tour)

May, 2008

Norway (Concert Tour)

April, 2008

Norway (Concert Tour)

Feburary, 2008

Norway (Concert Tour)

Year 2007

December, 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

November, 2007

Austria (Concert Tour)

October, 2007

Sweden, Slovenia, Finland & Stonia (ICCR)

October, 2007

Norway (Rikskonsertene tour)

August 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

July 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

April, 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

March, 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

January, 2007

Norway (Concert Tour)

Year 2006

November, 2006

Norway (Rikskonsertene tour)

August, 2006

Norway (Concert Tour)

July, 2006

Nigeria (Mozart Festival)

May, 2006

Isreal (Isreal Festival)

January, 2006

Norway (Ibsen Festival)

Year 2005

October, 2005

Norway (Concert Tour)

August, 2005

Nepal & Bangladesh (Organized by ICCR)

June, 2005

Germany, Austria, France, Israel & Norway.
(Concert Tour)

March, 2005

U.A.E. (Concert Tour)


Year 2004

November, 2004

Mauritius (Concert Tour)

October, 2004

Uzbekistan & Turkey ( International Music Festival organized by ICCR)

Year 2003

May, 2003

Oman, Bahrain,Doha, U.A.E.,Switzerland, U.K., Italy & Austria (Soorya Festivel)

May, 2003

France (Concert Tour)

Year 2002

May, 2002 

Delhi (Suramya)

April, 2002 

France (Concert Tour)

March, 2002 

Delhi (All India Radio - Saturday National Programme of Music)

February, 2002 

Delhi (Planet M - Times of India)

February, 2002

Delhi (Hazrat Inayat Khan Memorial Music Festival )

February, 2002

Delhi (Spic macay)

Year 2001

December, 2001 

Mumbai (Khyal Kalabharati)

October, 2001 

Delhi (HCL Concert Series)

September, 2001 

Delhi (Retrospectives organised by ICCR)

February, 2001 

Manali (Concert Tour)

January, 2001 

Bangladesh (ICCR)


Year 2000

December, 2000 

Delhi (Swaralaya)

December, 2000 

Ahmedabad (Swarnotsav Organized by SNA Delhi)

October, 2000 

Trivandrum (Soorya Festival)

September, 2000 

Germany (Concert Tour)

July, 2000 

Nagpur (Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande Music Festival)

April, 2000 

Abu Dhabi & Muscat (Soorya Festival)

March, 2000

Delhi (Performed in "47th Annual Art Exhibition" at College of Arts)


Year 1999

October, 1999

UAE & Qatar (Soorya Festival)

October, 1999

Delhi ("Retrospectives" Organized by ICCR )

September, 1999 

Bahrain (Music Festival)


Year 1998

June, 1998 

Brunei (ICCR)

April, 1998 

Shimla ( "Sangeet Nrityotsav"- organized by SNA)

March, 1998 

UK & Latvia (Concert Tour)

January, 1998 

Singapore (Concert Tour)


Year 1997

December, 1997 

Delhi (All India Radio Sangeet Sammelan)

May, 1997

Reunion, Mauritius & Singapore (Concert Tour)

February, 1997 

Spain & Italy (Concert Tour)

January, 1997

Sri Lanka  (ICCR)


Year 1996

May, 1996 

Moscow (Concert Tour)

April, 1996 

Mauritius (Concert Tour)

March, 1996 

France (Concert Tour)


Year 1994-95

July, 1995 

USSR (International Youth Festival) 

June,1994 & April, 1995

France (TAO Concert Tour)

January, 1995 

Aurangabad ( "Sangeetotsav"- organized by SNA)

November, 1994 

Ambala (Sangeet Sammelan of Classical Music)

March, 1994 

Delhi (All India Radio - Saturday National Programme of Music)

March, 1994 

Visakhapatnam (Kala Bharati)


Year 1993

October, 1993

Delhi (Performance in Nadmandal)

September, 1993 

New Delhi (India International Centre)


Year 1992

November, 1992 

Delhi (XII International Conference on Citrus Virology Pusa Inst.)

August, 1992 

Allahabad (Performance in - NCZCC)


Year 1990

November, 1990 

Calcutta (Times of India)


Year 1989

May, 1989  

Lucknow (Performance in "Avadh-Sandhya"- SNA)


Year 1988

December, 1988 

Delhi (Festival of Sarod -Hafiz Ali
Khan Music Society)

August, 1988 

France (Concert Tour)


Year 1987

August, 1987 

USSR (Festival of India -ICCR)


Year 1986

August, 1986 

Afghanistan (ICCR)


Year 1985

May, 1985 

USA & France (Festival of India - ICCR)

March, 1985 

Doha, Turkey & Bahrain (ICCR)


Year 1984

April, 1984 

London (Camdon Festival)


Year 1982

April, 1982 

UK (Festival of India - ICCR)