Fusion with Spanish Flamenco Music
Work with Flamenco Guitarist Paco de Lucia's band and perform major shows in Roma in 1997.

With German Musicians
Work with German musicians ; Gerald Deocke - Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Nobert Jorzik - Double Bass, John Christopher - Piano and Mattel Flute etc. Make the CD "India Calling"

With Swiss Saxophone Artist
Work with Swiss Saxophone artist Sandro and make the CD (will be released soon) in January 2002.

With Indian Instruments
Work with GS Rajan and Indian musicians make the CD "Meanderings" in this album I used the instruments like Sarod, Flute, Mandolin, Mridangum, Tabla, Key-board and Drum machine etc. In this album the composition based on our Indian Rag Mala system. February 2000

With British Pianist
Perform with British Pianist Preeti with her band in London and released an album called "Urban-Mantra", March 1998.

With Indian Band
Perform with Indian band "Communion" in Grand Hyatt in Delhi, November 2001

With Norwegian Musicians
Perform in various part of Norway and released CD's named 'SHANKARA' in April 2008
in Norway.